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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a proven and safe way to brighten your smile. It lightens your teeth by removing unwanted stains and discolouration from the internal areas of your teeth between the enamel and dentine (inner core).

We provide whitening trays for home use together with our in-office bleaching. It is important to continue and refresh your whitening. This process creates a fresh and more youthful appearance.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

In-Chair Technology

Restore your smile with our teeth whitening services. Feel confident to smile with bright, white healthy teeth. It really does make a huge difference to your confidence and your smile. That’s why teeth whitening at My Dentist is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. My Dentist use teeth whitening treatments which are safe and effective. With proper care, your whiter smile can be maintained. My Dentist achieves results that over-the-counter whitening products cannot achieve, and they are longer-lasting. We also provide you with an after-care program for maintaining, and getting the most out of your treatment. As well as teeth whitening, we can listen and advise you on other professional services which will help you to achieve your perfect smile.


Zoom Whitening Technology

The ‘Zoom’ Process: gel is applied to tooth enamel and light is then activated to each tooth. The entire process takes up to two hours. My Dentist can also provide you with the option to purchase a take-home kit and complete guide on how to achieve your optimum results. Home treatment is just one hour per day, applying gel to your impression trays until you reach ‘your’ desired level of teeth whitening. Zoom – Teeth Whitening Technology is a highly effective and safe dental bleaching system. Used correctly, it will help you brighten your smile. Our in-house specialised treatment uses a bleaching gel which is applied to your tooth enamel, combined with a special light to enhance the teeth whitening process to lighten and brighten your teeth.

Your Perfect Smile

My Dentist

During your consultation, we will discuss the correct application, time and method to ensure optimal results. Whatever it takes, My Dentist will work with you to achieve your perfect smile. Tim is passionate about his work and providing you with treatment options that will have you smiling again! We offer a range of treatments in teeth whitening to help: whiten and brighten your smile; safe, effective, non-invasive teeth whitening; assisting with stains and discolouration; assists ageing or chemical damage to your teeth.

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