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Sensitive Teeth

When the tiny tubules that connect the inner layer of the enamel to the inside of the tooth (dentine) where the nerves live, are stimulated tooth sensitivity occurs.

If an irritating substance reaches the nerve through the open tubules, it stimulates the tooth, resulting in pain. Cold, sweet, hot and acids can all cause aggravation to exposed receding gums or sensitive teeth causing discomfort when eating and drinking or even when breathing in cold air.

Enamel cracks caused by clenching and grinding, as well as receding gums are the most common reasons people experience tooth sensitivity. Decayed teeth can also create tooth sensitivity to sweet substances.

What are some remedies?

Reducing sensitivity is related to closing exposed inner nerve tubules.

Gum recession

The use of desensitising toothpastes is recommended. The key to their use is to apply them at night before sleep, in thin layers but do not rinse after application.

This gives the ingredients time to work on the exposed areas.

Internal issues

A comprehensive exam to find new decay, a cracked tooth or leaking old filling. Once the cause is confirmed the filling needs replacement of the tooth rebuilt.

What is a cracked tooth?

Cracked tooth

Cracked teeth are a real concern as there is a risk of tooth loss.

What is root canal treatment?

A crown is commonly fitted over the tooth to re-establish the tooth’s strength and prevent the risk of the weakened tooth from fracturing under normal chewing loads.

Root Canal Treatment Verses a Dental Implant

COSTCan be costlyMore costly
TIMESeveral visitsSeveral visits
SUCCESS Good-very goodVery good-excellent
SPECIALIST Molar (back) teethYes, if bone graft required
SEVERELY BROKEN TOOTHPoor successVery good success
HEALTHYYes-If no residual infectionYes-If no residual infection
HOLISTICNot preferredPreferred
OVERALLDepends on how much healthy tooth remains. Will it last 5 years plus?Depends on how much healthy bone and gum is present. After the first 3 years success increases.

Delaying treatment

An infected tooth can cause several complications:

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