Our work is complete
when your smile is restored

New Patient Exam

Our new patients receive a comprehensive examination.

We commence with the smile.

Our smile is how we project ourselves to others. It shows the world how we are feeling.

The jaw joints (TMJs) give us feedback on how the mouth is functioning.

Are they grating, locking, clicking, or not moving in harmony?

Are there early signs of oral cancer?

Do the teeth line up well together?

Are they loose or firm in the bone?

Are the gums healthy?

What caused some teeth to be missing?

Are the teeth broken or severely worn?

Are the existing fillings satisfactory?

Do they have leaking margins, decay, or overhangs?

We take only the necessary X rays.

Radiographs (X rays) are important to check for decay which has not yet appeared in the mouth and the amount of bone support present under the gums.

Photographs are taken to record the extra oral and intra oral features.

These are shown on a large screen to reveal all relevant features.

This is the first time most of our patients see their teeth in detail.

The photographs bring about a co-discovery or joint understanding of the present situation for both the dentist and the patient.

From this point the dentist will combine all the information into a treatment plan to be discussed with the patient at their next visit.

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