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My Dentist uses rubber dam for many dental procedures. It was invented by Dr. Sandford C. Barnum around 1882. A Cochrane meta-analysis in 2016 has

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Our Approach

My Dentist provides a relaxed environment for high tech procedures and a stress-free approach.  Situated on The Parade, Kensington, we are your one-stop destination for

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Feel Right at Home

  My Dentist have been in the Dental Industry for over 25 years.  Our approach is about creating a relaxed, inviting environment, one with which

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Latest Technology

My Dentist implements the latest technology and practices to bring you the best possible results.  Great Dentistry begins with a welcoming and relaxed environment.  We

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Teeth Whitening

A proven and effective teeth whitening system consisting of a gentle Hydrogen Peroxide based whitening gel and a specialised metal halide light source. The light source is unique, delivering optimal band width to accelerate photochemical decomposition of Hydrogren Peroxide which is the main activator in the teeth whitening process.

As with all of our equipment and treatments, the process has been trialled and tested, and found safe. There are no adverse affects on existing dental restorations or the tooth structure itself. Most importantly, the procedure is carried out by our qualified dental staff.


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