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Bad Breath

Halitosis, the clinical term for bad breath, is a common problem affecting as many as 25% of the population globally. 

The most common source of intractable bad breath originates from the back of the tongue.

At My Dentist we supply Tongue Scrappers to aid hygiene.

We also supply CloSYS mouthwash which has been shown to break down the hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) molecules which are responsible for halitosis.

CloSYS was developed by a leading periodontist Professor Perry Ratcliff.

Dr. Folwell was one of the first dentists to bring CloSYS to Australia after meeting Dr. Ratcliff in Arizona in 1991.

 Dr. Ratcliff discovered that by using stabilised chlorine dioxide, he could significantly reduce the number of oral bacteria. It is very natural, contains no harmful chemicals, no unnecessary additives and delivers superior results when it comes to killing oral bacteria.

It is also unflavoured, with an optional flavour dropper (peppermint) so you control the flavour.

CloSYS is gentle but powerful and the first mouth rinse awarded the ADA seal for eliminating bad breath.

Halitosis can frequently be a symptom of other conditions from sinus issues, to stomach problems and severe gum disease.

Bad breath has negative social consequences. It should be evaluated because it can be an early warning sign of other developing problems. 

Treatment includes a thorough dental examination in combination with a medical history. Your dentist will then move through an elimination process to diagnose the cause and treat it accordingly.

If dental in origin, a referral to the hygienist to clean to treat the gum infection in combination with recommendations of modified home care protocols will treat the halitosis.

If sinus in nature, our advanced OPG x-ray systems can investigate sinus infections and treat them accordingly or refer you to an ENT specialist for their management.

If from the stomach, referral to a Gastroenterologist can be organized to address the issue and prevent its ongoing problems.

That said, occasional bad breath associated with eating garlic-heavy foods or drinking coffee is no cause for alarm.

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